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We specialise in all aspects of Magento Design and Build and understand how to get the most out of the leading ecommerce software – however, over the years the most common question we are asked from new clients is…… why is my website not converting?

It’s all well and good having the right product, a fancy website and a shed load of traffic, but if this isn’t converting into sales then you might as well shut up shop or maybe not. There is always a solution and it doesn’t boil down to a website revamp or starting again from scratch.

Ingenious Bear will analyse your website, understand how clients are using, bouncing off and general behaviour across all pages and report on the best option and changes to help boost ROI and repeat custom. The help starts here, do not delay as the longer you leave the issues the harder it will become to get the trust back that your website is awesome.

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In depth reports on user behaviour, UX / UI for customer journery & Bounce rate

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