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How old is WordPress

Wordpress is 14 years old However on May 27, 2018 Wordpress will have been released 15 years, wow where has the time gone? Ingenious Bear get asked How Old is Wordpress? How much experience do you have? We have used Wordpress for over a decade and with the likes of Shopify, Wix and a host of new [...]

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Website Trends for 2018

Website Trends for 2018 2018 web trends will consist of my new and old designs, which are going to be big, bold and beautiful but more importantly clean. With more users on Mobile devices than desktop, Designers and developers over the past few years have tried to keep mobile light for 3G / 4G [...]

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Change WordPress Permissions with SSH

Change WordPress Permissions via the Shell over SSH This is a very simple execution via Termial on Mac or any other free SSH software for windows. Login to your server via SSH and enter the following commands to change your WordPress directory and file permissions. Typical is: command is USER@IP.ADDRESS followed by your password, you [...]

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